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hondentrainers Gent | dehondenschoolgent.be
hondentrainers Gent | dehondenschoolgent.be
hondentrainers Gent | dehondenschoolgent.be

Hondentrainer Gent - dehondenschoolgent.be

Is your dog bored, lonely or do you just want your dog to have a good time while you’re away from home? 
We walk, train and socialize your dog for you! We specialize in big dogs and reactive dogs and also do small behaviour modifications, making your dog a wonderdog!
Stay up-to-date with our new app we'll keep you updated about your dogs activities. This way you know if your dog had a good walk and we'll share notes about behaviour and activities. You'll receive real-time notifications about pick-up and drop off times.

BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION Pulling on the leash? Barking at the doorbell? No more! We'll take our time to train with your dog on all the small behavioural problems it might have. Together we will work out a plan so that you'll be able to continue our training with your own family.

My story: Dogs truly are a man’s best friend. I thankfully spend most of my days in parks, woods and cities surrounded by dogs. Being able to understand them and communicate with them is my goal. Together we can create a special bond that will last a lifetime. 
I preferably work with misunderstood and reactive dogs. Their personalities and qualities are mostly covered by anxiety and miscommunication, I will try and help to fix that as best as I can!

Natuurlijk spreken we ook gewoon vloeiend Nederlands om je nog beter te kunnen helpen.
My services are available for everybody no matter the age or the dog breed.


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